Travelling Abroad for the First Time - The Steps to Prepare For

If you wish to go on a voluntary work abroad, the first thing that you have to do is log in to a website that offers the best volunteer programs abroad. After signing up, you will then receive email notifications about the latest volunteer holidays abroad, such as in Myanmar, Thailand and India. By participating in a voluntary work abroad, you have a chance to teach children, offer healthcare assistance to seniors and other citizens abroad, and help build community buildings and facilities.

Aside from doing volunteer work, you may plan a trip abroad for going to a solo backpacking, fulfilling your dream adventures, spending a romantic getaway, going on a business trip or planning a family retreat. Whether you are after relaxation or enjoyment, a first travel to an overseas destination can be worthwhile with the help of the following preparations:

  1. Book an accommodation that is perfect for your itinerary.
  2. For a volunteering holiday, you will be most likely provided with a decent lodging where you can temporarily live with the rest of the other volunteers; however, for a backpacking adventure, you might have to book a hostel that offers cheaper accommodation rates. A relaxing retreat abroad, on the other hand, deserves a relaxing accommodation as well. You can complete a retreat-focused holiday by staying in our rainforest accommodation. Ambong Ambong is a tropical and secluded setting in Malaysia’s Langkawi Island that boasts of relaxing facilities and a stunning location. Be mesmerised, rest well and get the peace of mind that you always long for by booking one of our cottages here.

  3. Gather the necessary documents.
  4. A travel abroad won’t be possible without a passport, so this must be the first document you have to secure. Make sure it is signed and after which, check if the place you wish to visit requires its tourists to present a visa. Depending on the purpose of your travel, secure a specific kind of visa and do not forget to have it photocopied together with your passport to ensure that you have extra copies in case of any loss. It also pays if you have an idea about the embassy of your chosen destination for this is the only place you should go to if ever you lose any of your travel documents. Also, it is important to keep all of your travel documents in one pouch, which you should then carry with you anywhere through a cross body bag so you can easily access your passport, visa and other essential papers as well as make sure that you have your wallet, mobile phone and other handy must-haves secured while roaming around during your holiday.

  5. Learn the local laws.
  6. To help minimise the risks of culture shock, research about the destination as much as you can. Know its local laws, especially those pertaining to tourists. Visit its official government website or local travel site to read and understand some basic information about the country. Learn local customs so it will be easier for you to communicate with the locals, roam around different locations and experience their unique activities.

Your first trip abroad will be more worry-free and worthwhile if you bear these steps in mind and make the most of every single day you spend in your chosen destination.

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